Staff Recruitment & Training

Staff Recruitment & Training

We are unequivocally an Equal Opportunity Organization. No preference or bias will be shown in any way, manner or form regarding the recruitment of any new staff members.


All new recruits will initially be employed on a Relief Basis and utilized in a “Bank System”, whereby they will fill in for permanent staff who are away on Leave, Illness or other reason.

In this way, new staff will gain experience in a variety of service environments and will have the opportunity to display their abilities and attitudes in a workplace situation. All new staff will be evaluated by our Skills Development Facilitator who will assess their levels of competency and arrange additional skills training as may be necessary. Training is generally conducted “on-the-job” through Mentor–Tuition where the correct methods and systems can be displayed to them rather than having it explained theoretically in a classroom.

As vacancies arise, these “Bank Staff” are then slotted in to the positions that most suit their abilities, temperaments and residential location. Performance is monitored by their Supervisors or Housekeepers and corrective action taken as necessary.

We make use of our various suppliers to further the training and skills development of our staff from time to time and, with regard to specialized cleaning such as Kitchen Hygiene or Sterile Medical Environment Cleaning we employ Accredited Training Providers (Services SETA or THETA) to undertake the necessary training for applicable staff.